Page 13: And we all Float On

Bast, December 19th, 2009, 6:23 pm
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- WOW!!! I actually did a new page!!! Yay? So okay the two guys in the first panel are my brother (standing) and his friend Josh (sitting-duh). Why did I draw them? I dunno. Nutten better to do I suppose.

Please do not be offended by the Spanish guy in the traditional dance wear. If I did a German he would have been wearing lederhosen. I just wanted it to be obvious where he was from. Which is why Skye saying "Oh! Looks like I'm in Spain" (technically over) funny. So it was in no way mean to be offensive. (Some people get that way for some reason.) Yeah so if you can't read what she says in map image there you go. Anyways I'll try to update again soon.

Next page will show where she's landed. Stay tuned!

EDIT: For the record, Skye does not speak Spanish. But for the fun of it whenever the main cast of Improvise are in a different country they all speak that language. It saves on having to have the characters hire a translator or go off and have someone who speaks Spanish or Japanese or whatever speaking English since that is my language. It'd be the equivalent to like a comic written by someone who doesn't speak English and would write it in their own language. So you could say that page or part (if I could) would be written by someone else. If that makes sense) It makes it more fun and interesting I think.

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